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After our success on the water, Matira Jet Tours has expanded its offerings to include a new way to discover the Island of Bora Bora: The Quad.

These modern machines will surprise you with their ease of use and ability to conquer any obstacle. Also in the form of a guided tour, our 2 hour excursion will take you on the local circle-island road before heading into the forest where few people have gone.

The trail is more technical but adapted to all levels of piloting and leads you through the tropical forest to spectacular viewpoints. This tour, a Matira Jet Tours exclusivity, will give you a completely different view of Bora Bora. The quad, whether ridden solo or in tandem, is a great way to share unforgettable moments and sensations. A vehicle driver’s license is required for Quad pilots.

Children 5 years and older are welcomed as passengers with their parents. Helmets are provided.